Driving Lessons from Cantor’s Driving School

Over 100,000 drivers have learned to drive with Cantor’s Driving School – Be the next safe driver!

Cantor’s Driving School offers private, one-on-one, on-the-road driving lessons 7 days a week. Door-to-door service is provided – we pick you up and we drop you off at your school, work, house or apartment.in

  • Defensive driving techniques taught
  • Highway, city and traffic driving practice

Driving Lessons – Services and Prices

For all driving lessons, including single lessons and money saving packages of multiple driving lessons, check out Cantor’s Driver Training Lessons and Packages page.

Cantor’s – The Driving School That Gets Results®

Defensive Driving Lessons

Cantor’s Driving School Teaches Defensive Driving

Cantor’s Driving School specializes in teaching students how to drive with defensive driving techniques designed to teach teens and adults how to drive safely while anticipating what other cars and drivers may do.

Driving lessons with male instructorCantor’s professional instructors provide defensive driving training that includes such defensive driving tips and tactics as:

  • Get the big picture
  • Drive safely in bad weather conditions such as rain and fog
  • Understand and evaluate your options instantly when a critical incident happens
  • Anticipate what other drivers may do in various situations
  • Learn what to watch out for from the front, back and sides
  • Control your emotions for safety
  • React to changing traffic signals
  • Negotiate turns, lane changes, merging and curves safely
  • Handle city traffic and highway traffic flawlessly
  • Safely pass a slow-moving vehicle
  • Keeping alert for distracted drivers
  • Keep a safe following distance
  • Safe parallel parking and parking in lots
  • Many more!


Professional, Safe Driving Lessons for Your Teen While You Save Money on Car Insurance

100,000 Drivers have had Success Learning to Drive with Cantor’s Experienced Professionals

Parent with TeenOver 100,000 drivers have learned to drive and successfully passed their driver’s license test using Cantor’s Driving School. More than 100,000 drivers have benefited from using Cantor’s Driving School’s professional, experienced instructors. Cantor’s Driving School has been teaching teens and adults to drive for over 30 years! Cantor’s Driving School is a Florida State authorized driving school and all Cantor’s instructors are Florida State certified instructors.

Frank Cantor describes his driving school’s approach:

“We provide expert, professional instruction, customized to the needs of teens and adults to ensure that all our drivers learn to drive safely, drive defensively, and pass their driver’s tests. Our modern, dual-controlled, state-of-the art vehicles provide safety and comfort during driving lessons.”

Cantor’s Driving School lessons feature:
Driving lessons with female instructor

  • Door-to-Door Service
  • Private Instruction
  • Cost Effective, Reasonable Rates
  • Online Payment

Let Cantor’s Pros Teach Your Teen!

Save Money on Insurance

Saving money is important – especially on car insurance. Completing six (6) hours of professional driving lessons from Cantor’s Driving School makes you eligible for a discount on car insurance. Typically, car insurance savings covers the cost of driving instruction. Contact your insurance provider for details.

Cantor’s – The Driving School That Gets Results®


Teen driver celebrates getting drivers licenseCantor’s Driving School can help you to learn to drive and get your driver’s license. We know how teens learn to drive because we have taught thousands of teens to drive and helped them pass their driver’s test. We pick you up at home or school for a two- hour private driving lesson, take you on the highway and in traffic, provide good driving tips along the way. Cantor’s Driving School instructors teach safe driving while you gain valuable road experience, and we teach you how to parallel park.

TeensCantor’s driving instructors are teachers. We customize each lesson to what you need to learn and do it in a fun, interactive way. We help you relax and focus on good driving principles. We will help you pass your driver’s test.

Get Your Driver’s License Quickly with Cantor’s Driving School

The benefits of lessons from Cantor’s Driving School:

  • Get your driver’s license quickly
  • Teach you how to parallel park using our proven method
  • Save on car insurance

Cantor’s – The Driving School That Gets Results®

Adult Drivers

Learn to Drive Easily with Cantor’s Driving School

Adult female driver with sunglassesCantor’s Driving School also specializes in adult driving programs. We know that adults learn to drive differently than teens, and we have taught thousands of adult drivers. Our experienced, certified driving instructors teach adults with respect and patience.

Adults may have no one with whom to practice or may not have a car available to them. Getting a driver’s license is essential for a job and livelihood. Having a driver’s license will allow you the freedom to accomplish more during your day.

Whatever the circumstance, Cantor’s Driving School can teach you to be a superior driver.

Cantor’s – The Driving School That Gets Results®

Corporate Drivers

Businessman driving a car at the street. Two hands on a steering wheel.Cantor’s Driving School offers driver training, evaluations and certification programs for drivers of company cars. Driving lessons can be provided on a case-by-case basis or corporate training/certification programs can be established. Call Cantor’s Driving School at 954-740-1103 to discuss.

Au Pairs

Au PairCantor’s Driving School also does many evaluations and training for au pairs, with referrals from major au pair organizations such as Au Pair in America and Cultural Care Au Pair. The goal is to make sure your au pair is a safe driver to transport your children.

Cheap Driving Lessons?

Driver training painted on road in yellowWe don’t really like to call them cheap driving lessons, but Cantor’s Driving School provides top quality driving instruction at reasonable prices. Cantor’s Driving School has low overhead costs but spares no expense on safe vehicles and top driving instructors. Call it cheap driving lessons if you want, but you can get excellent driving lessons at reasonable prices with Cantor’s Driving School!

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