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Cantor’s Driving School’s Experienced, Expert Instructors

Cantor’s Driving School instructors are the very best in South Florida. All instructors know how teens, adults and seniors learn to drive, so we customize our teaching approaches to our students. All Cantor’s Driving School instructors have clean driving records, child abuse clearances, have passed criminal background checks and been FBI fingerprinted.

All Cantor’s Driving School instructors are off-duty or retired police officers.

Cantor’s Driving School has taught over 50,000 people how to drive – The Driving School That Gets Results®

All Instructors Are Florida State-Licensed

Every Cantor’s Driving School instructor is licensed by the State of Florida, a rigorous process that includes driving instructor training and submission of extensive documentation proving credibility of qualifications and character, including:

  • Complete the 32-hour Driving Instructor Training Course (DITC)
  • Submit a commercial driving school instructor application
  • Driving school owner Frank Cantor must provide a notarized statement of employment as a driving instructor at his school
  • A valid Florida driver license and a clear driving record for the previous 3 years (at least), with no license “suspensions, revocations, cancellations, or disqualification”
  • Submit a set of fingerprints for a fingerprint-based criminal background check
  • Submit a recent, clean Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) report
  • License must be renewed every year
  • Source: Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FDHSMV)

Meet Our Driving Instructors in South Florida

Glenn Topping

Glenn is a retired sergeant with 25 years of service at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. During his tenure at the Sheriff’s office he was a patrol sergeant his last 20 years – on the SWAT team as a lead Hostage Negotiator, Field Force Supervisor, Tactics Instructor, and Organized Crime Detective that traveled with the DEA conducting major drug investigations around the country. Glenn is also a veteran U.S. Army Military Police sergeant. Glenn was featured on the COPS TV show when it started back in 1989 and is a good acquaintance of movie actor Johnny Depp. Glenn is a Private Investigator and runs Spyglass Investigations and Protection LLC and past bodyguard for professional rock and roll groups.

Michael Banks

Michael is retired from the Pembroke Pines Police Department. He served the department for 25 years as a patrol officer for 5 years and a Traffic Homicide Investigator in the traffic unit for 20 years. Michael has investigated hundreds of traffic crashes over the years and has taught other members of the department crash investigation and traffic safety. He also taught traffic school safety courses. Michael is a native of South Florida and a resident of Broward County.

Mike Conklin

Mike is retired from the New York City Police Department. He served as a police officer for over 5 years and as a detective investigator on the highway patrol/accident investigation division for over 15 years. Mike has performed numerous criminal investigations of motor vehicle accidents with emphasis on leaving the scene, serious injuries and fatalities. After retiring from NYPD, he was a special investigator conducting insurance fraud, vehicle theft and surveillance. Mike’s background in motor vehicle accidents is an asset to teaching all ages to be defensive and safe drivers. Mike is a resident of Palm Beach County.

Al Caballero

Al is a retired Law Enforcement Officer with the New York City Police Department. Al’s 17 years of experience includes working as a Patrol Officer (from investigating accidents for the Streets Division to the Health & Hospital Corporation), Security Detail for the New York Yankees, and Detective with the Organized Crime Control Bureau. Al has also worked with the NYC Department of Corrections as a Corrections Officer. Al resides with his family in Palm Beach County and is fluent in Spanish as well as English. He has two daughters whom he has personally taught to drive. His experience, patience and bilingual skills help him effectively teach students of all ages to drive safely.

Jeff Cohen

Jeff is a retired Miami Beach Police Department Motor Sergeant. He is a certified police instructor of police motorcycling, police bicycling, chemical agents, rappelling, and firearms. During his police career, Jeff served 15 years as a SWAT operator and supervisor. He spent 18 years as a motorcycle officer, the last six as the sergeant of the motorcycle unit and traffic homicide unit. He coordinated the logistics and traffic patterns of several major events in the city of Miami Beach. He has been recognized for his role in improving the safety of the roads in the city of Miami Beach. Jeff’s expertise includes traffic patrol, speed enforcement, tactical maneuvers, community policing, and training. He has been a youth mentor for the Broward County Public Schools since 1998 and is currently a high school softball coach and youth baseball coach.

Keith Krakowski

Keith resides in Palm Beach County. He was a police officer in Auburn Police Department, Auburn, MA, for 8 years (4 in uniform and 4 as a detective), a police officer for 3 years in Daytona Beach, FL, and a special agent with the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for 20 years. With DEA, he spent approximately 12 years overseas to in such countries as Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Panama, Honduras, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Upon retirement from DEA, he became a security contractor (manager/director) in Iraq for nearly 4 years and another year in Pakistan. His education includes: MA in Criminal Justice, BS in Sociology and AS in Law Enforcement.

Ken Leon

Ken retired from the New York City Police Department (NYPD), where he served 21 years of service as a Police Officer. His duties included patrolling New York City and the surrounding five boroughs, on the streets as well as the NYC subways. A major part of his career was working at the Police Academy as an instructor, where he taught new recruits Law, Behavioral Science, Firearms and Driver’s Training. After retirement from the NYPD, he was employed by one of New York’s top security companies as a general topic instructor where he worked for four years. Ken was also an instructor for the National Safety Council-NY Chapter, teaching defensive driving courses that are taken by offenders seeking to reduce points against their driver’s licenses. He was also certified by the Red Cross as a CPR instructor. Ken is fluent in English and Spanish.

Angela Rawls

Angela is a retired Deputy Sheriff with 23 years of service at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, and was a correction officer for the Florida State Corrections Department. For five years she acted as a parking control officer for the Town of Palm Beach Police Department. She also worked as a substitute teacher and is qualified to teach first through eighth grades at public schools in the Palm Beach County School District. Angela resides in Palm Beach County with her daughter whom she taught to drive.

John Kelly

John is a retired lieutenant with 30 years of service at the West Palm Beach Police Department. During his tenure at the police department he was the Executive Officer for the Chief of Police, Commander of the Criminal Investigations Bureau, Watch Commander, Sergeant/Patrol Supervisor, Field Training Supervisor, SWAT Sniper Team Leader, Motor Officer, Field Training Officer, Organized Crime Agent, Multi Agency Narcotic Agent, and Patrol Officer. John is also an honorable discharged veteran of the United States Marine Corps as a sergeant. John is a graduate of Kaplan University with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

Victor Crawford

Victor is a retired Deputy Sheriff with 10 years of service at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. He started his career as a Federal Security Officer with the Department of Homeland Security. As a Deputy he served as a firearms instructor, field training officer and obtained his certification from the Florida Department of Corrections. During his tenure he excelled at ensuring the safety, health, and general welfare of the public. His training and experience covers a vast array of areas including defensive tactics, defensive driving, negotiating, search and rescue, and first aid. He previously was a driving instructor for a private commercial transportation company.

James B.

James served over 26 years with the New Jersey State Police covering all major highways and small towns in South Jersey. His experience includes:

  • Field Operations Trooper for 12 years and a Patrol Sergeant for 6 year, and investigated more than a thousand motor vehicle crashes involving serious / fatal, pedestrian, bus and motor-cycle.
  • Staff Sergeant for 4 years overseeing a squad of Troopers at 4 different stations.
  • Traffic Officer at Buena Vista HQ for 2 years reviewing all motor vehicle crashes, scheduling DWI / Aggressive and Seat Belt patrols and ABC Compliance details in Troop “A” – the southern area of NJ.
  • Sergeant First Class for 2 years, responsible for supervising a station of 40 Troopers and their 8 Supervisors.
  • Security Officer at the BB&T Pavilion in Camden, NJ for 2 years.

Keith Conlan

Keith is a retired Broward Sheriff’s Deputy with over 30 years of law enforcement experience in various departments at the Broward Sheriff’s Office. He started in the Department of Detention in 1987 for the Sheriff’s Office and crossed certified to Law Enforcement in 2000. He worked as a Court Deputy from 2012 to 2017. As a Deputy, he completed driver safety training for operating agency vehicles while transporting inmates to and from court. Throughout his law enforcement career he received various awards and commendations. His training covers conflict resolution and crisis management techniques. He was a member of the Court House Street Arrest Team. Keith resides in Broward County where he taught his two kids driver safety. He coached youth soccer and is currently on the Board of Directors for his Homeowners Association.

H. Earl Culver Jr.

Earl is a retired Florida Highway Patrol Trooper in Miami with over 30 years of service, retiring in January 2016. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. During his tenure with FHP, he was a Defensive Tactics Instructor, Laser and Radar Instructor, Human Diversity Instructor, Driving Under The Influence (DUI) specialists, and a Advanced Field Training Officer. Earl spent his last 18 years as a motorcycle officer, he’s also a veteran Military Police (U.S. Army). Earl is married to Claudia, they have a son (Jonathan) and a daughter (Daniela). Earl enjoys golfing and fishing. Whenever he has the chance he loves riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle with Claudia.

Gennady Lad

Gennady retired from the New York City Police Department (NYPD). He served as a Police Officer for 4 years and as a Detective investigating and supervising complex transnational organized criminal organizations for 17 years. He has extensive training some of which includes dignitary protection, auto crime, narcotics, active shooter, defensive tactics, surveillance, undercover operations, traffic stops and accident investigations. He has a class A commercial driver’s license. After teaching his three teenagers how to drive, he is confident he can teach anyone. Gennady resides with his family in Indian River County.

Milton B.

Milton retired from the New York City Police Department after over twenty years of service. He served most of his police career in patrol services where he had assignments to a burglary and evidence collection unit. After his retirement, he attended Palm Beach State College where he graduated with honors and took classes in education. Milton brings a lifetime of experience into the teaching environment and is very passionate about helping his students succeed in their future driving endeavors.

Hector Bergnes

Hector is a retired City of Miami police officer with over 31 years of law enforcement experience in various specialized units. As a veteran of the City of Miami Police Department, his duties included patrolling the streets of Miami enforcing law. As a SWAT operator, he provided support in high risk situations that required specialized tactics. He retired from SWAT after 5 years, then provided high visibility in high crime areas as a Mounted Patrol Officer. During his Marine Patrol tenure he enforced marine laws, responded to dive calls within city limits and assisted I.C.E., (Immigration & Custom Enforcement) and drug interdiction (Blue Lighting). Throughout his law enforcement career he has acquired specialize training in the following fields: United States Coast Guard, U.S. Merchant Marine Officer (Captain’s License), Immigration & Customs Enforcement (Blue Lighting Strike Force), Specialized Waterborne Anti-Terrorism Tactics, Tactical Handgun, Fireman Instructor, and Advance Underwater Police Science. Hector resides in Miami, Florida with his wife of 32 years and 3 sons.

John J. Giaccio

John recently retired from a distinguished career with the New York Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In July of 2016, John was instrumental in the largest heroin bust in the history of Nassau County, New York. John also just retired from his position as an Adjunct College Professor of Criminal Justice at Nassau Community College, which is part the State University of New York system. John began his law enforcement career with the Indian River County Sheriff’s Department in 1985, where he was a Road Patrol Supervisor, Field Training Officer, Traffic Homicide Investigator as well as Department Instructor. John later moved on to the Federal Police Service and was assigned to the United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs in New York City, before joining the FBI.

Employment for Driving Instructors

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