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Cantor's Driving Simulator Cantor's Driving School offers driving simulator training sessions and is the first and only driving school in South Florida with driver simulators. A driver simulator is good preparation for behind-the-wheel driving lessons and can be used between lessons too.

The driving simulators hardware includes a steering wheel, pedals and shifter. The simulator combines this hardware with the most advanced driving simulation training software available today. This driving simulator helps better prepare students for behind-the-wheel training while providing students with virtual experience driving in:

• Busy, urban traffic
• 8 lane expressways
• City roads up to 6 lanes wide
Cantor's Driving Simulator - Screen Shot • Winding two lane roads
• Many more!

It also prepares students to expect the unexpected by exposing them to dozens of risky situations and crash avoidance events, including vehicles both large and small, pedestrians, animals, as well as adverse weather and reduced visibility including night driving. The driving simulator training offers up to 39 lessons and over 200 training scenarios and exercises, including learning how to drive using automatic or manual transmission.

Cantor’s uses the leading driving simulator system from Simulator Systems International.
View SSI's demo video:


Driving Simulator Training at Cantor’s Driving School

Cantor’s Driving School offers driving simulation training sessions. Each session is 1 hour.
Call 954-740-1103 to schedule your driving simulator training.

Students must arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled simulator training start time. No learner's permit or driver's licence is required to use the driving simulator.

Driving simulator training is conducted at Cantor's Driving School main office:
10 Fairway Drive
Suite 127
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
Note on directions/location: Not far from I-95 at Rt 810 / W. Hillsboro Blvd, near Deerfield Country Club
Click for map of / directions to Cantor's Driving School main office.

Cantor's Driving Simulation Training Services
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Please call Cantor's Driving School at 954-740-1103 to schedule your driving simulation training sessions after online payment. Driving simulation training sessions start October 13, 2012.

Cancellation Policy: 48 hours notice is required to cancel a driving simulator session without penalty. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will be charged for the full cost of a driving simulator training session at the regular rate of $65. Driving simulator training session no-shows will be charged for the full session at the regular rate of $65.
Payment Policy: Payments for driving simulator training must be pre-paid online only.

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Driving Simulator Features and Options for Simulator Training

  • Lessons
    39 Lessons with over 200 driving scenarios, and unlimited practice driving in the city, country, test track, and driving range.

  • Crash Avoidance Scenarios
    70+ Configurable crash scenarios; enable instructors to finely tune their training and teach students proper defensive driving technique and how to avoid collisions.

  • Cantor's Driving Simulator - Screen Shot
  • Configurable Time of Day and Weather Conditions
    Easily configure the software to simulate day, dusk, or night, and modify the weather conditions with the “click” of a mouse.

  • Configurable B.A.C. Levels
    Illustrate the dangers of driving under the influence by configuring the drivers simulated B.A.C. level. This feature simulates the associated impairment of “drinking and driving” by altering the driver's reaction time, and steering capability.

  • Replay
    Multi-view replay enables both the driver and instructor to instantly replay any completed scenario from 360°; both birds-eye and behind-the-wheel perspectives.

  • Eco-Drive Assessment
    Delivers detailed feedback on the fuel consumption characteristics of each driver's performance. This feature enables the instructor to develop economical driving habits in any driver.

  • CarSim Vehicle Dynamics
    High-fidelity vehicle dynamic models that accurately replicate the handling characteristics of real vehicles, providing a true simulation experience

  • Vehicle Configuration
    Select from a broad range of simulated vehicle models including cars, SUVs, and vans. In addition, the driver can modify the vehicles ABS, ESC, TCS, powertrain, weight distribution, and tire wear.


More Information about Driving Simulators

Cantor’s Driving School offers these links with more information the use of driving simulators:

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Contact Cantor’s Driving School for Driving Simulator Training

Use the Cantor's Driving School contact form or call us at 954-740-1103 for further assistance with driving simulation training from Cantor’s Driving School in Broward County, Palm Beach County and Martin County.

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