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20 Minutes, $20 – Learn To Parallel Park Like A Pro at Canter’s Driving School

Parallel Parking Demo BrandedThere is an art and skill to parallel parking your car. Some people don’t bother to learn how to parallel park since there are vast parking lots in the suburbs, and some newer cars even help do it for you. Have you ever tried to parallel park and failed? Have you felt the frustration of trying over and over again, holding up traffic, and trying not to bump, scrape, or hit the car in front or in back of you?

But nothing is worse than passing up a prime parking space on the street and then have to pay to park in an expensive parking garage or lot because you can’t parallel part.

Cantor’s Driving School is the only school in South Florida that will teach you everything you need to know about parallel parking. A short 20 minute lesson at our office location and you will have the skills and confidence to park on any street. After this parallel parking lesson from Cantor’s Driving School you will be able nag the best parking spots, feel confident parking in the city, and celebrate the satisfaction when you squeeze your car between two others and save yourself money and time.

Cantor’s professional instructors provide parallel parking training with these details:

  • Parallel parking lessons are given only at the Cantor’s Driving School office location at 3576 Lantana Rd, Atlantis, FL 33462
  • Lessons are given on Thursdays and Fridays only from 9 AM to 4 PM
  • Lessons are 20 minutes long
  • Call 954-740-1103 to schedule a lesson or simply walk-in
  • The cost is $20. Payment is due at the time of the lesson
  • Parking lessons will be given only in the Cantor’s Driving School vehicle
  • Must have a valid driver’s license or learner’s permit to take parking lessons

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Parallel Parking

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Use the Cantor’s Driving School contact form or call us at 954-740-1103 for further assistance with parallel parking lessons from Cantor’s Driving School.