Driving Assessments – Self-Guided Diagnostic Test

Ready-Assess™ Driving Assessment from Diagnostic Driving logoCantor’s Driving School now offers a convenient driving assessment for Florida drivers. Using the Ready-Assess™ driving simulator from Diagnostic Driving, drivers can take a self-guided virtual driving evaluation that can be used to:

  • Identify driving strengths and weaknesses for new/learning drivers
  • Establish competency level for senior drivers
  • Check employees for safe driving habits

Who Can Benefit From This Driving Assessment?

The Ready-Assess™ process can be used by:

  • Student drivers, with learner’s permit, or even before getting a permit
  • New/inexperienced drivers, to help them avoid accidents and unsafe driving – many new drivers are involved in accidents
  • Seniors who want an objective evaluation of their driving skills
  • Companies that employee drivers, to screen prospective drivers, ensure their drivers are performing their driving tasks safely, and help them improve

Tell Me About The Driving Assessment Process

Ready-Assess™ is a way to measure your driving skills, specifically focusing on the skills you need to avoid crashes. Ready-Assess™ specifically tests your skills at avoiding crashes that are highly common and can cause injuries and damage. It checks if you make safe driving decisions, recognize potential hazards, and react/adjust your driving behavior.
Ready-Assess™ Driving Assessment Simulator
The process is:

  • First, sign up and pay for the service – only $30.
  • Call Cantor’s Driving School to schedule your assessment – 954-740-1103.
  • Come to Cantor’s Driving School main office location, where the Ready-Assess™ driving simulator is set up.
  • Take the Ready-Assess™ driving evaluation, which takes about 15 minutes. It includes a range of driving events and possible crash scenarios:
    1. Following other vehicles (rear-end)
    2. Negotiating curves (driving off the road)
    3. Driving straight and too fast for conditions (driving off the road)
    4. Managing intersections with traffic (turn & timing-related collisions)

What Happens After The Driving Assessment?

Within 1 business day, you will receive via email a Personalized Feedback Report. You will see how you performed compared to over 50,000 other people like you who have completed this exact same test. And you will learn more about where your skills are strong, and where you still have room for improvement. The report will include:

  • Performance in common crash scenarios
  • Specific driving infractions
  • Links to safe driving videos selected just for you, and proven to help new drivers improve
  • Additional helpful resources

View a sample Personalized Feedback Report (PDF).

Take The Ready-Assess™ Driving Assessment

The cost? Only $30!

Then call Cantor’s Driving School at 954-740-1103 during office hours to schedule your assessment. Assessments will be done Monday-Friday, 11 AM – 4 PM.

When your appointment is scheduled, come to Cantor’s Driving School Main Office in Palm Beach County:
3222 Lantana Rd
Atlantis, FL 33462
(Located in Airport Square)

More About The Ready-Assess™ Driving Assessment

Ready-Assess™ from Diagnostic Driving was developed by scientists from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. It’s a way to measure your driving skills, specifically focusing on the skills you need to avoid crashes. Whether you are preparing to get your license, or already have one, this report provides you with useful information as you continue on your journey of becoming a safer and independent driver.

The 15-minute, self-guided program includes:

  1. Orientation – An introduction to the importance of safe driving.
  2. Acclimation Drive – A warm-up period in which drivers can get familiar with the test format
  3. Virtual Driving Test, in which drivers are exposed to common and serious crash scenarios.
  4. Feedback – Personalized and actionable feedback based on individual test results.


  • Reliably identifies dangerous driving behaviors
  • Predicts whether a person will pass or fail a road licensing test in under 15 min
  • Tests performance in common and serious crash scenarios
  • Provides automated and personalized feedback to reduce first-year crash rates

View this informative video for more about the Ready-Assess™ driving assessment:

Ready-Assess™ from Diagnostic Driving, Inc.


Contact Cantor’s Driving School for More Information About Driving Assessmentd

For additional information, use the Cantor’s Driving School contact form or call us at 954-740-1103.